Disinfection by UVC radiation

UVC light applications are rapidly becoming the top choice worldwide for industries requiring water, air, and surface decontamination. Our germicidal UVC technology offers safe, simple, and secure solutions.

ERIES germicidal lamps are widely used in air and water purification applications, such as in the food industry, medical applications, pharmaceutical sterilization, as well as semiconductor sterilization and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) systems. Moreover, they are employed in drinking water, wastewater treatment, and groundwater decontamination.

désinfection uv pots alimentaire


ERIES, the specialist in UVC surface disinfection in factories

ERIES has been a manufacturer of UVC systems for over 30 years now. This extensive experience has been the cornerstone of our ability to produce customized and automated machines that are perfectly tailored to the specific needs and timelines of each of our clients.

We optimally treat targeted pathogens, whether they are fungi, viruses, or bacteria. This efficiency is greatly enhanced by the use of our in-house designed software, which enables us to precisely measure the UVC radiation required for effective disinfection while adhering to the strictest safety and quality standards.


Our expertise extends to several areas, including:


We collaborate with manufacturers of aseptic machines, especially in the food industry, to ensure contaminant-free production processes.

désinfection uv agroalimentaire


These laboratories trust our disinfection systems to maintain sterile environments and ensure product safety.

désinfection uvc laboratoire pharmaceutique
décontamination par uv de conditionnement et emballages
désinfection par uv de conditionnement et emballages
désinfection par uv des liquides
décontamination par uv des liquides
désinfection par uv de l'air
décontamination par uv de l'air


We offer surface disinfection solutions for:

  • Packaging and Containers Decontamination:

In the food industry, the decontamination of caps, lids, and other packaging is widely practiced. This is a broad range of applications as it includes UVC disinfection of containers intended for food (packaging pots and caps, bottle necks before sealing, various bags, various supports or tools, etc.).

In this case, the lamps are protected by a UVC-transparent sleeve. This technique meets the quality requirements of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other production lines.

UVC germicidal treatment systems disinfect surfaces without the use of chemicals, which is crucial in many industries. For instance, in the food industry, ultraviolet germicidal light can kill all microorganisms in a matter of seconds and can extend the shelf life and nutritional value of products. UV light applications are increasingly being used for filling equipment, conveyor belts, transport containers, and food processing work surfaces.

  • Food processing (processing, storage, handling, fruit and vegetable service, salad bars, bakeries, restaurants, meat counters),

  • Clean rooms,

  • Research laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, equipment sterilization,

  • Medical testing, bioengineering, genetics, pharmaceutical processes…


Water decontamination remains the privileged field of application of this process, for example

  • process water, rinsing water, waste water,
  • swimming pool waters
  • tap water for human consumption …

UV-C water purification offers a safe, efficient and economical alternative to chemical treatment. Without harmful byproducts, the global use of germicidal UVC technology is essential for ecosystems and for reducing pollutants in rivers, oceans and other water bodies. UV water purification applications continue to grow in the water recovery, ship ballast water, wastewater, potable water, industrial process water industries. and commercial, swimming pool and spa, aquaculture and life sciences.


UV light applications are used for odor control, sterilization and removal of VOCs (volatile organic carbon) and industrial exhaust gases containing solvents. In some establishments, such as hospitals, air quality is crucial for health. The use of UVC in odor control has many applications, including sewage treatment plants, farms, commercial kitchens (HVAC- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and processing food plants. UVC germicidal lamps are also essential for purifying the air in industries where harmful and toxic chemicals are produced, such as printing, plastics and rubber.

We offer solutions to maintain healthy environments, particularly in:

  • Aseptic industrial production areas,

  • Air disinfection at the exit of laminar flow hoods or controlled atmospheres,

  • Fume hoods and laboratory rooms,

  • Clean rooms and/or controlled environments,

  • HVAC systems (commercial, industrial, medical, and residential).