Disinfection by UVC radiation

Due to the inherent advantages and endless possibilities, UV light applications are quickly becoming the most popular worldwide choice for industries that require the decontamination of water, air and surfaces. Germicidal UVC technology offers safe, simple and economical solutions.

For many years, the decontamination properties of UVC radiation have found their applications in various fields and have continued to evolve.

ERIES germicidal lamps are widely used in air and water purification applications such as food industry, medical applications, pharmaceutical sterilization as well as sterilization of semiconductors and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning). In addition, they are used in drinking water, wastewater and groundwater decontamination.

Lampe germicide et rayonnement uv
Action des lampes germicides et rayonnement uv-c
Action des lampes germicides et rayonnement uv-c
Action des lampes germicides et rayonnement uv-c
Action des lampes germicides et rayonnement uv-c
Action des lampes germicides et rayonnement uv-c


The disinfection of surfaces is the specificity of ERIES.

In the food industry, the decontamination of capsules, caps and other packaging is very common. This is a very broad niche of applications because it includes UVC disinfection of food containers (jars and packaging caps, bottle necks before closing, bags, supports or tools, etc. ).

In this case, the lamps are protected by a sleeve, made of material transparent to UVC This technique makes it possible to meet the quality requirements of agro-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, etc. production chains.

UVC germicidal treatment systems disinfect surfaces without chemicals, which is crucial in many industries. For example in food industry, ultraviolet germicidal light can kill all microorganisms within seconds and can extend shelf life and nutritional value. UV light applications are increasingly used for filling equipment, conveyor belts, transport containers and food working surfaces.

  • Food processing (processing, storage, handling, fruit and vegetable service, salad bowls, buffets, bakeries, restaurants, meat boxes),
  • Clean rooms,
  • Research laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, equipment sterilization,
  • Medical tests, bioengineering, genetics, pharmaceutical processes …


    Water decontamination remains the privileged field of application of this process, for example

    • process water, rinsing water, waste water,
    • swimming pool waters
    • tap water for human consumption …

    UV-C water purification offers a safe, efficient and economical alternative to chemical treatment. Without harmful byproducts, the global use of germicidal UVC technology is essential for ecosystems and for reducing pollutants in rivers, oceans and other water bodies. UV water purification applications continue to grow in the water recovery, ship ballast water, wastewater, potable water, industrial process water industries. and commercial, swimming pool and spa, aquaculture and life sciences.


    UV light applications are used for odor control, sterilization and removal of VOCs (volatile organic carbon) and industrial exhaust gases containing solvents. In some establishments, such as hospitals, air quality is crucial for health. The use of UVC in odor control has many applications, including sewage treatment plants, farms, commercial kitchens (HVAC- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and processing food plants. UVC germicidal lamps are also essential for purifying the air in industries where harmful and toxic chemicals are produced, such as printing, plastics and rubber. Some examples

    •     Health care
    •     HVAC systems (commercial, industrial, medical and residential)
    •     Agriculture (breeding)
    •     Commercial kitchen hoods
    •     Printing (rubber, plastic and vinyl)
    •     Industrial


    Easy to manage

    The implementation and maintenance of this equipment is simple, while respecting some safety precautions. The use is not toxic and does not require specialized storage. There is no overdose concern, since no chemicals are added to the air / water, there are no process by-products involved.


    UVC radiation provides an  immediate treatment process with no tank maintenance requirements or very long exposure.


    UVC radiation is compatible with other water and air treatment processes. It does not exhibit any change in taste, odor, pH, conductivity or chemical properties of the air / water in which it is used.


    Respect for the planet

    UVC radiation is environmentally friendlyand chemical free. Unlike germicidal chemicals, there are no corrosive materials and no disinfection by products.

    Safer technology

    UV germicidal lamps comply with strict local codes and regulations, providing a safer technology to sterilize bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, and many harmful pathogens. There is no health risk associated with the use of harmful chemicals.


    The initial investment cost is low and operating costs reduced. Our lamps are energy efficient and durable. Their compact design facilitates retrofitting processes.

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